Welcome to Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas - España

Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas is a member of Global Recordings Network, a world-wide evangelical and inter-denominational missionary organization, with offices in 30 countries.
Our purpose is to communicate the good news by means of audio-recordings and other materials in all of the world’s languages and dialects. Priority is given to illiterate and unreached peoples.
The people on our planet speak a lot of languages. Really! Over 10.000 if we include dialects. The language barrier is a major obstacle for the Church to overcome if it is to fulfill our Lord’s command to preach the gospel and to make disciples of all nations.

In these days of global communications, it’s hard to imagine that thousands of people groups never have heard the Name of Jesus Christ. No Bible has been translated in the languages they speak. No missionary has gone to evangelize and disciple them. The gospel remains silent and unshared. But God has raised up a witness in these last days for the least-reached groups.

In vital partnership with the Church and other missions, Gospel Recordings is taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have never yet heard His Name. For many, one of our evangelism recordings is the only means they have at this time to hear about Jesus.

Our mobile recording teams travel the globe to search out minority language groups. From the Amazon to the Himalayas to the ends of the earth, we go to deliver the good news. No tribe is too small. No language is too obscure. No village is too remote!
GRN has about 6.000 languages and dialects available in audio.