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Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas is a part of Global Recordings Network– an interdenominational missionary organization whose aim it is to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through audio recordings and other materials, to all peoples in their own language.
GRN 's calling is to make audio evangelism tools available to Christian workers to help multiply their church planting efforts.
As a very known Spanish Christian Association "Decisión" clearly exposes in its website e-decision.org, today the evangelization of Spain is necessary, possible and urgent!! This is also the conviction of Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas, and we see in the materials we offer an innovative tool to reach the different Spanish regions and generations with the Good News. A CD received, or a downloaded message can be listened in the privacy of home many times, and bring eternal blessing to the listener and his or her relatives.
But Today's Spain is also a multicultural country. About 10% of the population is foreigner. Immigrants from many lands have come to Spain in the last ten years, included people from countries closed to the Gospel. We can see in all this the Lord's Hand putting these people very close to us for their and our blessing. You cannot speak always their language, but you can give them a gospel recording in their mother language! The Holy Spirit can use it in impact those immortal souls. Now is the time to pray and work!
It's known in evangelical circles that many immigrant Christians are very active and enthousiastic to reach their countrymen and women. Many times it's not possible to get gospel materials in their mother language here in Spain, so our recordings can help in meet this need.